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MTI Consulting (Private) Limited

8th Floor, Aitken Spence Tower 1, No.305, Vauxhall Street, Colombo 02, Sri Lanka.

+94 (11) 230 5551

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What is idea2fund?

idea2fund is an enabling platform for prospective Sri Lankan entrepreneurs to present their venture ideas, be challenged and receive constructive feedback, get linked with investors / funders and receive start-up consulting advisory on go-to-market strategy and execution from MTI.


Why should I participate in idea2fund?

This will be the ideal platform to build & launch your dream startup. See benefits section for more details on why you should participate.


How do I participate?

Applications are available now and can be downloaded from the application process section in this website. Fill the relevant sections and email it to on or be-fore the deadline.


Who is eligible to participate?
  • Students and Early Career Professionals – with winning ideas and the ‘guts’ to venture out
  • Experienced Professionals – looking for a mid-career break-out to ‘invest’ their exper-tise more profitably
  • Existing Niche Entrepreneurs – looking to ‘game change’ and make it ‘big’


When is the deadline to apply?

Application closing date for the first round of judging process will be 31st December 2017


Do I need a team to apply?

You can apply individually. If you are applying as a team, maximum number of team members is 3.


Can I send more than one idea from different domains?

Yes, in fact this is encouraged! You can send more than one idea from the same domain as well.